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Ho [Chi Minh City] Linux User Group 
(HøLUG), HoChiMinh, S.R. VietNam 
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Launch: AD.2001.Aug.31.04:18.ICT 
Latest: AD.2006.Sep.24.14:08.ICT 




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what's up
AD.2006.Aug.14.10:53.ICT ::
We've seen a light...
AD.2006.Feb.27.07:09.ICT ::
We're still comparing two "social networking" systems. The cms/blog link leads to on a versatile if still somewhat aesthetically challenged content management system (CMS) with extensions for web-logging or online journaling, known as blogging.
AD.2006.Feb.11.10:46.ICT ::
... patience please, we're cleaning up.
AD.2006.Feb.27.07:15.ICT ::
The blog/cms link leads to the "HøBlog" which is built on a popular, stylish and user friendly, though administratively somewhat cludgy and less versatile blogging system which now has may CMS-like extensions available.



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