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ø Systems Admin, Security & Training
ø Free, Linux & Open or Proprietary
ø Project & Strategic Management
ø English Editing & Proof-reading
ø Web Design & Development
ø Copy and Technical Writing
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ø IS Research & Reporting

HoChiMinh [City] Linux User Group
HoChiMinh [City] (ex/or SaiGon), VietNam
eMØ: ADmin eM1: Ed eM2: Mø' Infø
Cellular: +84 (0) 903 871313
Digital Signature Keys

Started: AD 2001-08-31 04.18 ICT
Latest: AD 2003-09-25 15:00 ICT


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HøLUG Executive Members' Public Certificates and Keys for Privacy & Digital Signatures

The shared certificates (pubcerts) and public keys (pubkeys) for verifying the digital signatures (digisigs) of HøLUG Executive Members and exchanging encrypted files with HøLUG Executive Members can be downloaded from the following table. Further instructions follow the table.

Mac ADd
GPG :: CBB4 6261 1675 6D06 72CF 619D DA0D 7902 FFFD D0BE
PGP :: 0xCA84A7EC
Ho Thanh Phuong
GPG :: 2E33 3937 98C5 84CB B907 3EE3 6895 4CDC FFCA BB53
PGP :: 0xA56AF780
AD Marshall
GPG :: 2F41 EBD0 CDFB 6B6F 421A 78C2 F960 1DD0 4820 9391
PGP :: 0xC67E2916
FPF  :: 56B4 F0C3 71F5 CAC6 6C0F 4DEF 53B2 149D

Member's names are linked to their email addresses (eddresses). If you have a problem with downloading or using one of their pubcerts or pubkeys, email them.

"GPG" (GNU Privacy Guard), "PGP" (Pretty Good Privacy) public keys (pubkeys) or Adobe Acrobat Exchange Certificates ("FDF" files) can be downloaded or viewed and copied by clicking on the appropriate GPG or PGP links above.

The rows under each member's name lists his or her PGP Key ID code and GPG and FPF "fingerprint" codes, for checking the validity of the public certificates or keys downloadable here.

GPG and PGP encryption and digital signature software is freely available for download from the links below. Complete instructions and user guides are available via the same links.

Adobe's Acrobat digitial signature system is included with Adobe's full Acrobat package. Neither Acrobat nor the Acrobat Reader is Free or Open-source software. The Reader is free to download at the following link, but it does not include the digital signature system need to import digital certificates and verify the identities of authors or authenticity of their files.

Acrobat Reader Download: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/access_downloads.html


GPG & PGP FLO (Free, Linux or Open) Downloads & On-line Guides

GPG :: http://www.gnupg.org/


PGP :: http://www.pgpi.net/

Note: PGP Corp now owns OpenPGP. The above link is to PGP International, where OpenPGP can be downloaded freely. PGP Corp., http://www.pgp.com/ provides proprietary, commercial versions of PGP and other security and privacy software the must be licensed to use, for a fee.

Copyright 1998-2003+ AD Marshall & HøLUG: This information may be copied, distributed or modified as per the cc:hølug_by-nc-sa_0.9 license (ie, the cc:by-nc-sa/1.0 license, less warranty); NO WARRANTY PROVIDED.